Biker Picks Up Abused Dog On The Highway, Makes Him His ”Co-Pilot” !!!

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From the outside, Brandon  looks like a rough-and-tumble cowboy. But with his goatee, tattoos and leather, the biker from Burleson, Texas recently showed the world that you simply cannot judge a book by its cover.  

Brandon was riding on his motorcycle, on his way to meet his dad, when he spotted a vehicle pulled over on Highway 171 — and a man beating an innocent little white dog.

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Brandon was shocked as he watched the scene unfold in his rearview mirror. This monster of a human threw the dog into the air curbside and drove off, leaving the poor dog to die on the side of the road.

“I went after the guy just to give him a number one sign,” Brandon writes on Facebook. “And I now have a Co pilot — Meet Mr. DAVIDSON.”

That’s right — Brandon plucked up his new co-pilot right there on the spot, saving his life and giving him a second chance.

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Mr. Davidson rode on Brandon’s beloved Harley for the rest of the day and absolutelyloved the wind whipping in his face and the feeling of the open road. He was finally safe.

When Brandon isn’t riding his motorcycle, he’s singing and writing songs.

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In fact, rescuing Mr. Davidson inspired him to write a song about his new best friend… 


Brandon Turnbow, a biker from Burleson, Texas, was recently out riding his motorcycle when he saw a little white dog being beaten by the side of the highway.

After a man threw the dog onto the curb and drove off, Brandon sprung into action and became a superhero.


Brandon picked up the pup, named him Mr. Davidson (after the famous Harley, of course) and placed him safely on the back of his bike.

After enjoying a day spent on the open road, Brandon decided to adopt Mr. Davidson and give him the home he deserved.


“Well looks like my Co pilot has found peace,” Brandon writes on Facebook. “His belly is full and he found the pillow.”

This lucky pup now lives with Brandon and his family, and has an amazing dad to take care of him for the rest of his life.

Now all he needs is a pair of matching goggles and a leather vest.

But Brandon took his heroism a step further.

“Lets all join together to make this happen on an epic scale. I know there are a lot of Bikers out there that love animals so how would you like it if we sent Bikers to collect abused animals near you?”

So touched by his experience with Mr. Davidson, Brandon started a non-profit organization called Baaang Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global.

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“And you’ll never have to worry again in your life. ‘Bout getting kicked down and thrown to the side. We’ll always have fun and go riding in the sun, Mr. Davidson.”

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Thank God for people like Brandon. I’m so happy Mr. Davidson is safe and in good hands.

Source: Animal News