Motorcycle crashes after wild police chase

ABSTRACT: (KWTV) A man on a motorcycle has crashed following a wild police chase across Oklahoma City Friday.

Right or Wrong? Citizen Stops Fleeing Biker with Truck

According to reports, this started as a routine traffic stop, when the suspect took off.

The chase spanned across the OKC- metro for over half and hour, with speeds reaching over 100 mph.

The suspect ran red light and split traffic as Jim Gardner and Bob Mills SkyNews 9 flew overhead.

Black Dragon Biker TV on YouTube

The chase ended when a civilian vehicle blocked the road, and the suspect bailed off the bike and slid into the vehicle.


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Of course I think it’s just straight BS that an idiot would block a road and cause the man to wreck his motorcycle. There is no need for this kind of vigilante justice. The police could have just followed the man in the helicopter until he ran out of gas and arrested him. His crimes did not warrant road rash and being crashed along the side of the highway. I believe the driver should have been charged with a crime to set an example that citizens should not take the law into their own hands! Especially when it comes to wrecking motorcycles on the side of the road for a simple traffic violation. But that’s my two cents. What’s yours?

Source: New 5 WKRG