Prospecting Again?

Prospecting Again? Prospecting Again?

Biker Trash here……

I am actually really glad Black Dragon did this video. Part of the problem with being a writer for an MC page is that you are in an MC and your time is very precious. I think I wrote something on that last week anyway.

What if you had to prospect again, how would you do it?

OpED by Black Dragon

There are several ways to discipline members. Depending on the type of Club; forcing you to Prospect all over again can be one of them. And I have seen that happen. Should this happen to you I want you to keep two things in mind. The first is that if your Club wanted you gone; then you would be gone. For whatever reason they chose this punishment, they still want you there.


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The second thing is that I would never ask a Prospect to do something I wasn’t willing to do. And not just something I once did years ago, but today. That includes Prospecting. The fact of the matter is; I still do much of the things I did when I Prospected. There is a reason Prospects are taught to do certain things. It is not to belittle them, but to prepare them. And if you have a Problem doing Prospect stuff; then perhaps you are in the wrong place.


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The biggest hit is that when you attain the status of Full Patch, this is your Brotherhood recognizing your place has been earned. To do it over in my mind says you have to earn back trust that has been lost. Trust is a difficult thing to regain once lost. Which is why I am not sure about that method of discipline. But willing to; sure, I would do it.