Not Everyone Who Wears Your Cut is Your Brother

Not Everyone Who Wears Your Colors is Your Brother

I was watching this BBC wildlife video the other day that featured a pride of lions. One decided to check out the bounds of his territory and strayed beyond the watering hole that marked his kingdom. He landed right in the middle of a pack of hyenas.

It was at that point that he knew that he was in for the fight of his life which he was unlikely to win outnumbered twenty to one.

To late to turn and run he stood tall. Encircled by the emboldened pack, he defended, feinted, swung, and clawed. And when he got a chance he struck with ferocity and reckless abandon. He was determined that this day he would not die.


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But despite his best efforts it was all to no avail. He was outnumbered. He knew he was alone, and that he would be savaged on those plains brutalized by his attackers. The day grew very dark with no light at the end of the tunnel.

But his brother had noticed that he was gone from the pride and lit out on his trail to find him. He knew those plains was no place for any lion to be alone. And when he got close, he heard the deadly battle ensuing. He laid his mane back and came running, in that jerky kind of way that all cats run, risked his life, and threw himself, back to back, into the fight with his brother and not even a pack of 20 hyenas dared take on the two. So they dispersed, and his brother was saved.

You see when the situation got tough, his brother could have left him to die but he did not. He had the heart of a lion which compelled him to risk dying next to his brother rather than leaving him to die alone.

This tale is to help you evaluate your circle. Who in your MC is really your brother? When times are dark and the hordes are coming over the mountain top to invade your valley, who stands with you? Who is unafraid to risk everything to stand and fight with you? Are any willing to go that extra mile for you?  

You see things aren’t always going to be alright. Sometimes you will fight and despite giving it your all it won’t be enough. If you have no one to stand in your corner then you need to reevaluate and rebuild it until you do.

The worst part is when that pack of hyenas are members of your own MC. You see not everyone who wears your colors is your brother. In those cases when your real brother comes to fight for you, he may be fighting against the entire MC. That’s when you’ll know who your real brothers are.

And are you the same kind of brother you would want to come rescue you? Is your word your bond? Are you worthy of the patch? You see too many of us are leeches. We take, take, take, but what are you willing to give?

Worthless is the man upon which no one can depend. If you don’t bring out the best in your brothers, and they don’t bring out the best in you, then get rid of that dead weight today and fly. Because they are holding you back.

Reevaluate your circle. If it only brings darkness, then get rid of that MC. Because they are holding you back!

Peace and Blessings to you all.

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