Man commits suicide by 18 wheeler

Man commits suicide by 18 wheeler Man commits suicide by 18 wheeler
Man apparently throws himself under an 18 wheeler taking his own life!

In some country, somewhere a man seemingly throws himself under a bus and ends it all! Whatever caused this poor soul to feel as though life was too much to bear we will probably never know, but we must all agree that his decision to end it probably left some loved ones behind mourning and wishing he were still here!

And maybe the sad man is correct and the whole world just doesn’t give a shit because certainly none of the bystanders, or drivers-by, even really bothered to slow down! No one ran to his side to render him aide – hell, not even the police officer looked his way. He just marched on as though nothing happened, and traffic just kept on rolling! All very sad.

But there may still be hope for this man, believe it or not! Many viewers of this video say it’s a hoax! They say you can tell it is a dummy because there is no blood, and the crazy way in which the body seems to crumble when it gets hit. I, for one, couldn’t tell one way or the other. So, I’ll let YOU be the judge. Let us hope, for that poor soul’s sake, that it is a prank and what we saw was only a dummy.

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on the other hand that would be one hell of a lot of staging to make such a fake video. You would have to do several takes to pull this one off. Hmmm. What do you think?

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