What Does A Hero Look Like

Debbie Fuller Shared this Post Sept. 5 2020

What does a HERO look like.On 9-11-01 an off duty NYFD member saw the first plane hit Tower One. He immediately knew he would be needed and that there was no way he could drive to town. He jumped on his Harley, in full gear, and rode to within a few blocks of the Towers.

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He had to abandon his bike and left it on the street, where it still was a few weeks later by the way. He ran to the South Tower and aided in rescuing survivors of the collapse. He is humble and tells his story when asked.

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NEVER FORGET the HEROES of our Country that answered the call, usually without being asked. FDNY Firefighter Tim Duffy had a day off… September 11, 2001. When he heard about the attack on our great country he got on his 2000 FXDS and rode straight into Hell. He arrived at the WTC right after the first tower collapsed.

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Just after he arrived he was buried by debris and subsequently was no longer able to serve as a New York City Firefighter. He rode that very same Harley-Davidson® motorcycle here to our dealership, Keystone Harley Parryville PA., on 9/11/2016 for a visit and we are beyond humbled to meet this American Hero.

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We honor you and every First Responder who gives their all… sometimes riding straight into Hell.

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