Warriors Motorcycle Club donates winter items to people experiencing homelessness in Sudbury

SUDBURY — It’s the season of ‘giving’ and the Warriors Motorcycle Club is pulling out all the stops.

The group donated plenty of warm winter items to Sudbury’s homeless on Monday. On top of the clothes, they also donated food, and drinks.

More than 30 people experiencing homelessness lined up outside of the Community Health Centre on Frood Road to receive winter clothing.

One of the men who received a donation told CTV News he really appreciates the kindness from Warriors Motorcycle Club.

“I’m proud to be from Sudbury again, actually. Up until recently I was kind of ashamed, I had no help and I felt alone,” he said.

“Then, these guys come help with food and the outreach, there’s been so much help going on it’s been amazing.”

Another said the donation brought a lot of smiles during this uncertain time.

“The simplest little things, can put a smile on a persons face even when they are having a down and out day. Trust me, we are all feeling this.”

The Warriors raised money to purchase the items, and also received donations from community members who wanted to help out.

“We’re all guys with huge hearts, that just want to give all the time,” said Warriors Motorcycle Club Secretary, Alain Gareau.

“With the money that we raise as a club, we like to donate back to the community. This is the kind of cause we look for, the homeless people who are having a really hard time in this world right now.”

The highlight of the donation was that 10 brand new snowmobile suits were donated. The suits were then given to an outreach group who handled the distributing to each person.

“We had multiple people come up to the van, and receive those winter coats, the ski pants, the scarves, the hats, the mitts, and people know that when they see the van, they can come and receive those donations and things they may require,” said community outreach worker Cathy Beaupre.

The motorcycle club said they choose a community group to give back to around this time, each year.

They said this year giving to members of the community experiencing homelessness was an easy decision.

“It’s awesome to put a smile on peoples faces, in these hard times right now. Especially with this snow storm we just had, and now this cold wind,” said Gareau.

“We see them, they’re half dressed, so that’s when we come in. We try to do what we do as a motorcycle club and as a brotherhood cause we’re very close together.”

Source: Biker News.com