Bikie boss Mark Buddle’s bid for Sydney ‘mafia’ drug cartel

Sydney crime figure Mark Buddle has declared he is heading up a Mafia style “commission’’ to control the importation and price of all drug shipments to Australia, The Daily Telegraph reveals.

The bikie boss, now a major international drug lord, sent the message by encrypted communications to all major crime figures living in and out of Australia.

“To ALL Main Players in Aus and Abroad all who land work in Sydney/NSW. As of 2021, there will be a Sydney commission that will be formed,’’ the message read.

The aim of the commission, it went on, was to keep the price of drugs higher and the criminal syndicates’ profits increasing.

Buddle made his vow after seeing the price of ice tumble from $250kg to $80kg.

“As you seen in 2020 the price of Fry (street talk for ice) reached 250 and in a matter of 1 month it dropped to 80k. This is because there is NO STRUCTURE, no rules, no reasoning and to be honest there’s NO SENSE,’’ his message read.

In a chilling threat to anyone who does not join the planned drug cartel, Buddle laments that at present anyone can try to import drugs into Sydney.

“The COMMISSION will make sure this DOES Not happen,” he wrote in the message.

The self-proclaimed Com­anchero boss then details how the system will work. He ­insists the commission is told of the “stamp” or brand on the wrapping of every kilo of cocaine that comes into Sydney, which identifies the owner or who the shipment belongs to.

“Every time a stamp lands in Sydney, you reach out to the commission and tell them what stamp it is, pay a small fee to the commission,’’ he said.

According to the drug boss the commission will make sure the shipment is protected from being ripped off and that competitors do not undercut the wholesale price.

Buddle now lives overseas but has an army of loyal and extremely violent bikies living in Sydney to enforce his promises, which include: “Make sure your drivers never get napped by street thugs and if they do we back you all the way.’’

He also tells his fellow crime bosses that structure is the only way to keep the dollars rolling in and the only way to keep doing that is “to work with the commission and play ball’’.

“There will be resistance, like anything new, and ­players can completely avoid the new system and not play ball with the commission and that’s fine but just don’t land your work in Sydney. Problem Solved,” he wrote.

Both underworld and NSW Police sources said enforcing such a tax on rival gangs and other drug syndicates would have a huge chance of sparking major conflict.

“I can’t see some of these bosses who are making big money anyway wanting to give money to any so-called commission,’’ one said.

Buddle remains living a lavish life in Dubai, thousands of kilometres away from the NSW detectives who wish to question him over a string of crimes.

The heavily tattooed hardman fled Australia in 2016 as a person of interest in the fatal shooting of Chubb ­security guard Gary Allibon.

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Source: The Daily Telegraph