Police search for biker who allegedly fired gun at motorist in Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City woman is looking for a random biker that shot a gun at her car, shattering her side-view mirror. The unexpected encounter Monday afternoon has left her confused and shaken.

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Dawn refers to the episode as a terrifying drive she’ll never forget. She asked KFOR to conceal her last name for safety concerns.

She told us she was driving behind a reckless and erratic biker while going eastbound on Northwest 10th Street near Council Road around 2 p.m. Monday. The biker then stopped in the middle of two lanes at the Rockwell Avenue intersection.

“He leaned back on the bike, put his feet up on the handlebars like he was taking a nap, waiting for the light to change to green,” Dawn explained.

When the light turned green, the biker didn’t move. So, Dawn said she carefully drove around him.

“He apparently became incensed because I honked my horn,” she explained. “I didn’t lay on it. I just tooted it to let him know I was coming by.”

Next, she noticed the man had raced next to her SUV passenger window waving a gun in the air.

“He tried to get me to roll down my window,” she continued the story. “I wouldn’t do it, couldn’t do it.”

Suddenly, the biker fires a shot at her sideview mirror, shattering the glass and making it loose on its hinge.

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“The impact was so hard that it is now broken,” she said as she showed KFOR how loose the mirror now swings on its hinge.

The alleged gunman then sped off, leaving Dawn panicked and disoriented. She called Oklahoma City Police, who arrived and filed a report. Her hope now is that officers find him before another fit of road rage.

“I’m very fortunate,” she concluded. “I’m very blessed that it wasn’t me, that I didn’t roll down the window, because he would have shot into the vehicle. I don’t have any doubt about that.”

Dawn doesn’t have a detailed description of the biker, saying he was a white man on a white motorcycle.

OKC police report they are investigating the case.