Bikers and the Iron Cross

by Ghost Eagle

From all the people I have known over the years, the stories can vary; but most stay the course when regarding the Iron Cross. It’s a widely known fact that it was not a German Nazi symbol, it was made during the napoleon war of 1813 by King Frederick Wilhelm 3rd. His wife Queen Louise was the first to receive it. That’s right, it goes all the way back to Prussia, it was a medal of honor and it was awarded for acts of heroism, bravery, and exemplary leadership, just as the medal of honor is to the United States soldiers.


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The Iron Cross was adopted by the Germans as the same symbolism during World War 2; but it took on that role of hate, racism, murder and so forth during that time period. During the war, United States soldiers would take the Iron Cross off of a Nazi soldier upon killing him and keeping it as a momento of a victorious moment during a very dark time.


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 Outlaw Bikers adopted the Iron Cross as a badge of honor, once they returned home to find a government they could no longer trust and a society that no longer had use for them. This is when bikers went from lettermen jackets and overalls to leathers and a more gritty biker look as we know it today. After the war soldiers looked at life differently, They started wearing their flight jackets, adding the symbols and patches to set themselves apart from everyone else.

however today it is used as a neo-Nazi symbol for groups who promote hate and violence to other colors, races, genders and creeds without knowing it’s real true history. It has been changed several times throughout the years.