Mother of dismembered biker reveals harrowing details about how four bodies were chopped up before being found in river

THE mother of one of four friends who were found dismembered has revealed how the men’s bodies were chopped up before they were tossed into a river.

The bodies of Mark and Billy Chastain, 32 and 30, Mike Sparks, 32, and Alex Stevens, 29 were found in the Deep Fork River in Oklahoma on October 14.

Teresa Stevens has shared new details about the death of her son and three others
Teresa Stevens has shared new details about the death of her son and three othersCredit: Instagram/ Teresa Stevens
Alex Stevens was one of four men found dismembered
Alex Stevens was one of four men found dismemberedCredit: Facebook/Okmulgee Police Department
The four bodies were pulled from the Deep Fork River
The four bodies were pulled from the Deep Fork RiverCredit: Fox 23

The mother of one of the victims, Alex Stevens, revealed new information shared with her by officials.

“My son and his friends were first shot multiple times, chopped in half at their waist and then thrown into the Deep Fork River to rot away,” Alex Stevens’s mother Teresa Stevens told Daily Mail.

Police also told Stevens that the murderer “chopped off one of their arms.”

“It’s something you read about on the news, about what they did to my son and his friends,” she told the outlet. 

“To chop a body in half is what the drug cartels do to the dead.

“Whoever did this clearly wanted to send a message.”

Stevens said that she last saw her son on October 9 when he was going to visit friends.

But then he didn’t show up to work the next day.

“My son never misses his work shift and he had to work at 11pm that Sunday. He doesn’t own a car, so I take him to work. 

“When he didn’t show up for me to take him to work on Sunday evening, I became worried. 

“A few hours later, I went to the Okmulgee Police Department and reported him missing.”

Stevens said that her son didn’t have his cell phone on him.

He had “run out of minutes,” she said, adding that he had his backpack and wallet.


It has been learned that a person of interest in the case was previously arrested for shooting at thieves.

Joe Kennedy, 67, was arrested earlier this week in Florida on charges of motor vehicle theft.

He is being held without bond at the Volusia County Jail.

The Okmulgee Police Department in Oklahoma, where the men were last seen, did not explain why Kennedy is a person of interest rather than a suspect.

However, it was revealed that Kennedy’s blue PT Cruiser was found behind a business in Morris, Oklahoma about six miles east of Okmulgee.

Police searched a scrap yard that Kennedy owned, which was near where the remains of the four men were found on Friday.

Evidence of a “violent event was discovered on an adjoining property,” said police chief Joe Prentice.

Kennedy owns both properties, said Prentice, one of which, A&A Auto Salvage, was the site of a shooting almost 10 years ago.

Kennedy reportedly opened fire on a group of six burglars and injured one, according to KOTV.

He is serving a 10-year deferred sentence, which was set to expire in May.


Teresa Stevens told Daily Mail that she didn’t believe her son knew Joe Kennedy, but added that she wasn’t surprised to learn he was a person of interest.

“While I don’t personally know him, I’ve heard about him around town and from what I’ve heard he’s a person of questionable character,” Stevens claimed.

“Even if they were up there at the salvage yard up to no good or drugs were in involved, no one deserved to die,” she said. 

“For one person to kill four grown men, chop their bodies up, and dump them in a river…I just can’t see one person doing all of that. 

“Whoever did this had to have help.”

Stevens said the medical examiner has her son’s remains and that an autopsy is being conducted.

“Something no mother should have to do is outlive their child,” she said.


The four men were last seen leaving Billy Chastain’s home in Okmulgee on their bikes, pulling trailers on October 9 around 8pm.

Police were able to track the men’s movements to a scrap yard west of Okmulgee and then to a gas station through data from an app on a phone belonging to Mark Chastain’s wife, Jessica.

Prentice revealed that the four men were allegedly on their way to commit a crime when they vanished from their home on October 9.

“We believe the men planned to commit some kind of criminal act when they left the resident on West 6th Street,” said Prentice.

“That belief is based on information supplied by a witness, who reports they were invited to go with the men to ‘hit a lick’ big enough for all of them.

“That is common terminology for engaging in some type of criminal behavior, but we do not know what they were planning or where they planned to do it,” the police chief said.

Prentice said that the men’s bikes haven’t been recovered and neither has a murder weapon.

“I did speak with the family members,” he said.

“I think they had already resolved themselves that this was their loved ones, but the additional information about dismemberment was obviously a shock and they were very distraught.

“I’ve worked over 80 murders in my career. I have worked murders involving multiple victims. I have worked dismemberments.

“But this case involves the highest number of victims and it’s a very violent event. So I can’t say I’ve never worked anything like it, but it’s right up there at the top.”

The situation has left family members of the missing men lost and heartbroken.

“I know nothing, and I’m feeling lost. I’m heartbroken. I’m sad. I have so many mixed emotions and thoughts,” Jessica Chastain, the wife of Mark Chastain, told Fox News Digital last week.

Jessica Chastain was the first to report her husband missing. 

The Chastain brothers’ uncle, Jon Chastain, told CNN that their family was “shocked” and “outraged” after police announced their deaths.

“I’m a hard guy. People don’t see me cry,” he said.

“And I was devastated.”

Chastain said he doesn’t know what his nephews could have done that warranted such violence.

Mark had two children and Billy was a father of four. Chastain described both of them as hard workers and good fathers who loved their families.

“Whatever was going on, I don’t know. But what I do know is we need some justice for this,” he said.


The four bodies were pulled from the Deep Fork River on October 14, but the discovery led to more questions than answers.

When water is involved in an investigation like this, it becomes much more difficult to identify evidence, said Okmulgee Police Chief Joe Prentice.

According to Prentice, all four bodies “were submerged in water for what appeared to be an extended period of time.”

Because of this, the coroner had a much harder time identifying the bodies, and police were faced with a difficult investigation at the river, which “appeared to be a dump site,” said Prentice.

“Water always affects decomposition, and depending on temperature, depending on the current flow, there’s a lot of different factors that do that,” he said.

“Whenever water is involved, it makes it much more difficult to identify evidence.”

Prentice added that investigators needed to be more careful in how they search the water “because it’s so easy to miss evidence.”

The chief said he never worked on a case with so many dismembered bodies and it took multiple days to find all of the remains.

“Although the official cause and manner of death is still pending, each victim suffered gunshot wounds,” said Prentice. “All four bodies were dismembered before being placed in the river.”

As the investigation continues, Prentice said the department has requested more video surveillance from businesses nearby and is following up on tips on different sightings.

Source: The U.S. Sun