Biker gang member accused of showing illegal tattoo says his make-up rubbed off

Brendan Luke Sacca, a member of the outlawed Mongols Motorcycle Club, has the gang’s logo inked on his face and has to cover it up with make-up whenever he’s out

The 'senior enforcer' has to wear foundation to cover his inkings
The ‘senior enforcer’ has to wear foundation to cover his inkings (Image: Nutri-sups Worldwide/Youtube)


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A motorcycle gang member arrested over an illegal tattoo told police his make-up must have rubbed off.

Brendan Luke Sacca is a member of the outlawed Mongols Motorcycle Club – an international group based in Southern California but with affiliate branches worldwide.

Sacca, from Perth in Western Australia, has a tattoo of the gang’s name on his forehead. Under strict new laws introduced to crack down on organised crime groups it’s illegal in Western Australia to show any gang insignia in public.

When Sacca, 40, was spotted with another Mongols gang member at a bar in Northbridge, Perth, in May last year police say the tattoo was clearly visible on his forehead.

Sacca's former girlfriend helped him apply his concealer before they broke up
Sacca’s former girlfriend helped him apply his concealer before they broke up (Image: supplied)

At Perth Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Sacca claimed he had covered the offending ink with foundation and said the make-up must have accidentally worn off.

Senior Constable Lorne Buchan testified he didn’t see any trace of make-up on Sacca’s head when he attended the bar at 10:40pm on May 7 last year.

In footage from Senior Constable Buchan’s body-camera, which was played in court, Sacca – previously a “senior enforcer” for the rival Gold Coast Finks gang – insists “I did have make-up on, it must’ve come off”.

Under state law it's illegal to display the biker gang's insignia
Under state law it’s illegal to display the biker gang’s insignia (Image: MONGOLS MOTORCYCLE CLUB/Youtube)

Defending Sacca, lawyer Nick Scerri insisted his client had been unaware the illegal tattoo was visible.

Sacca told the court his girlfriend had been helping him apply foundation to conceal the tattoo but after they broke up he had been forced to do his own make-up.

Appearing for the defence Natalie Gage, a friend of the accused, said she had occasionally applied the concealer for him and given him some tips on how to do it himself.

She said Sacca took the rules about coving up the tattoo “seriously” and that she hadn’t helped him on the night he was arrested because she had plans for Mother’s Day.

She added Sacca tended to “sweat a lot” which could cause the foundation to wear off.

However, magistrate Richard Huston rejected Sacca’s claim that he had make-up on that night and found him guilty, fining the biker $500 (about £280).

Source: Daily Star