How to Ride Bitch on a Motorcycle

Two men riding the same motorcycle is uncool. Face it, if you're on the back you are riding bitch.

OpEd: from Black Dragon

Today I was asked by one of my YouTube subscribers at Black Dragon Biker TV, “If two bros were forced to ride one motorcycle, and one of the bros was a prospect, who would be entitled to ride on the front seat if the working motorcycle belonged to the prospect?

Of course I found this question troubling because no biker in the United States shares his motorcycle with another male, well in most cases – anyway. Well, now let me think… Hmmmm.

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I like one of my subscriber’s answer: “The prospect and the brother don’t share a bike at all. The full patch brother takes the bike and rides to his destination and the prospect waits for a tow vehicle to come get the brother’s bike – then escorts it safely home. Now THAT’s what real prospecting is all about. But then again that’s prospecting from yesteryear!

I answered this question on my YouTube channel Black Dragon Biker TV.
Of course one of my subscribers sent me this perfect video for the subject from YouTube!