Gypsy Jokers 1%er MC’s National President plus 5 Brothers Indicted on Kidnapping and Murder in Aid of Racketeering

Gypsy Joker National President Kenneth Earl Hause -61 Gypsy Joker National President Kenneth Earl Hause -61

The Gypsy Jokers MC’s National President and several patched brothers — which authorities say have “sowed violence and intimidation” throughout the Pacific Northwest — were charged Thursday with kidnapping, torture, murder and various other alleged crimes, a court document said.

Kenneth Earl Hause, the 61-year-old leader of the club, and five other brothers were accused of leaving people unconscious after barroom brawls, brutal assaults of rivals, torturing club members who got in the way of leadership, and threatening those who talked to police, the Oregonian reported, citing a newly unsealed indictment.

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“This is an organization whose members and associates pride themselves on living outside the law and use kidnapping, assault, murder and other forms of violence to extend and maintain their power,’’ Oregon’s U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams said in a statement.

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As the club wielded its power, Hause, also known as “Boss” or the “Wiz,” and the others enriched themselves through extortion, robbery and distribution of drugs, including methamphetamine, according to the document.

Hause allegedly used large rings or a set of brass knuckles to knock out the teeth of a member belonging to the Oregon Veterans Motorcycle Association.


In September 2018, Hause allegedly used large rings or a set of brass knuckles to knock out the teeth of a member belonging to the Oregon Veterans Motorcycle Association, the Oregonian reported. It said he ordered the man to shut down the club within 30 days and threatened to kill anyone who reported the assault to police.

On another occasion, Hause allegedly knocked out another man’s teeth — this time a member of his own club — with heavy motorcycle boots when he kicked the man out of the gang, the paper reported. He allegedly threw another member down the stairs of his own home and locked him outside in the snow barefoot.

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Other allegations include assaulting a man at a bar who had spoken to police about the MC and separately assaulting a woman for “disrespecting” them by dancing with members of the rival Mongols Motorcycle Club.

The other five brothers who were indicted include Mark Dencklau, 58; Earl Fisher, 48; Ryan Negrinelli, 36; Joseph Folkerts, 61; and one unnamed defendant. They were also charged with kidnapping and murder in aid of racketeering for the 2015 kidnapping and murder of Robert Huggins, a former member, Salem’s Statesman Journal reported.

The men allegedly murdered Huggins to increase their standing in the club, according to the document.

Source: Fox New