Police seize $15K in cocaine, arrest ‘known Hells Angel member’ during weekend raids in London

A joint effort by police force's led to the seizure of three Hell's Angels vests, 154 grams of cocaine, tasers, and other items.

One person remains on the lam, yet two people were arrested and a slew of items were seized — including drugs and three Hells Angels vests — during police raids in London over the weekend.


Police are still looking for a 27-year-old woman, but made the two arrests and seized the drugs during raids on Saturday morning in London.

Provincial police executed the search warrants with the help of the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau, the Biker Enforcement Unit, London police’s Guns and Drugs Section, and the RCMP.

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Between two homes on Wharncliffe Road North and Springmeadow Road and a storage locker on Scanlon Street, officers seized $15,400 worth of cocaine, 12 Percocet pills, two Tasers, brass knuckles, drug packaging, weigh scales, cell phones, cash, and three Hells Angels vests.

OPP Det. Staff Sgt. Anthony Renton is operations manager for the biker enforcement unit. He could not provide any details as to why the vests were seized but did say the move was related to the case.
“The vests were seized as a result of being offence related property,” he explained. “Because they are evidence of the offence, I can’t discuss the specific reason why we took them but the justification for it is the fact that they are offence related property and they will be part of the evidence that is provided to the courts.”

A joint effort by police force's led to the seizure of three Hell's Angels vests, 154 grams of cocaine, tasers, and other items.

27-year-old female suspect sought and 2 people charged after 154 grams of cocaine, other drugs, weapons and Hell’s Angels vests seized by #OPP, @lpsmediaoffice and @RCMPONT in London. If you can help, call 1-888-310-1122 or @CSOntario anonymously 1-800-222-8477.


9:03 AM – Jan 8, 2019

He said police continue to be worried about the discovery of weapons such as the ones that were found in the raid.

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“There were a number of weapons that were seized and that in itself is a very concerning factor for us as police going into these residences and finding weapons such as conducted energy weapons and brass knuckles,” Renton explained.

“Obviously it just substantiates a lot of the concern that we have for the public safety when we know that members of these criminal organizations are using weapons to facilitate their criminal offences.”

Sean Burger, a 47-year-old London man and known Hells Angel member, has been charged with possession of cocaine and Percocet for the purpose of trafficking, possession of a firearm or ammunition, and possession of a prohibited device. He appeared in court Monday.

Jessica Boloshetshenko, a 33-year-old London woman, has been charged with possession of Percocet and unauthorized possession of a weapon. She’s expected to appear in court Feb. 15.

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They’re urging people to contact the provincial police at 1-888-310-1122, or Crime Stoppers, with information about the case or to report potential criminal activity involving outlaw motorcycle gang members.

Source: Global News