Suspects in motorcycle gang shooting at El Cortez face multiple felony charges

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — A detailed arrest report breaks down the moments before, during and after a biker gang shooting unfolded inside of the El Cortez Hotel and Casino in downtown last weekend.

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Now three men are facing serious felony charges.

It all happened last Sunday, March 17, when Las Vegas Metropolitan Police responded to the El Cortez after a report of a shooting.

According to the arrest report, the shooting occurred when a fight broke out between two biker gangs: the Vago and the Sons of Hell, which is a support club of the Hells Angels.

The report says a large group of Vagos confronted three Sons of Hell members, one of them being armed with a knife.

Those three Sons of Hell members were Matthew Norris, Travis Callahan, and Roberto Romero.

The argument started on Fremont Street, and once the men were inside of the El Cortez, things escalated.

The report says Callahan pulled out a gun and shot one Vagos member in the chest at close range.

Police say he then fired several more shots, hitting one man in the leg, another in the chin and a fourth man in the arm before running away.

Former LVMPD detective Phil Ramos investigated the deadly Laughlin motorcycle gang shootout in 2002, and he says he’s not surprised at how this played out.

“That’s very common when feuds erupt between outlaw motorcycle gangs. They go for the throat every time they start a war or confrontation, and it is not uncommon that every member is carrying a gun or a knife or some sort of weapon, and once the fighting starts, it really can get out of control and innocent people can be hurt especially when there’s a big crowd, when the motorcycle gang members start fighting,” said Ramos.

The victims are expected to survive.

As for the three suspects, they’re expected in court facing felony charges, including attempted murder, Monday, March 25.

Source: News 3