Murder Victim’s Sons Attack Their Mother’s Killer in Court

Two brothers seek their own justice in court. Two brothers seek their own justice in court.

WFMJ reports that 62-year-old Dale Williams Sr. was in a Youngstown, Ohio, courtroom on Thursday after pleading guilty for aggravated murder in the death of 46-year-old Elizabeth Pledger-Stewart. The victim’s daughter was preparing to read a victim’s impact statement at the sentencing hearing when two of her sons leaped into action and physically attacked Williams in open court.

Video from the court shows 30-year-old Anthony Dees dragging the handcuffed killer as deputies desperately tried to subdue the full patch brother of the Chosen Few MC Nation. As officers tried to break up the melee, another man identified by WKBN as 23-year-old Jerome Stewart, jumped over the railing and also began wailing on Williams. Police eventually tasered Stewart while the family pleaded for police to, “Leave him alone.”

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“You killed my mama, bruh,” Stewart exclaimed, as the police cleared the courtroom and restrained the two brothers. “She took care of me. Nobody else did.”

In June 2017, police say numerous witnesses observed Williams crash his vehicle into Elizabeth Pledger-Stewart’s automobile and shoot her when she exited the car. Sources told WFMJ that Williams emptied his gun. Pledger-Stewart reportedly filed a police report saying that Williams had threatened to “catch her in the street.” Although the sentencing hearing was delayed, Williams still faces 23 years to life in prison.

The brothers were charged with assault and obstructing official business and will be arraigned on Monday.

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