12 Questions any Fool Should Ask the Iron Guard before Getting your Mail Order Vest

12 Questions to Ask Iron Guard MC
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12 Questions any Fool Should Ask the Iron Guard Before Getting your Mail Order Vest

The day the Desert Rat ‘Rat Trap’ took off his cut.
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There is a new popup club on the horizon that is calling itself Iron Guard and some of you have asked me what I think about you joining up. The wouldbe National President is using an old recruiting scheme with a new twist. He is using his YouTube channel, of over 20K subscribers to offer his patches online to folks who meet his criteria via email and perhaps phone conversations. He plans to drop his club, which he calls Iron Guard, onto at least six regions across the US overnight. His romantic sell, that attracts folks from all over, is that his club is for the constitution and American rights and no one will tell him what he can wear or what to do, at least not this time anyway. When he was a civilian and called himself the Outlaw Chicago Chuck, he was actually intimidated into taking off his cut demonstrating that when it came down to it he didn’t have what it took to stand for what he believed in then, yet he has hyped up a whole channel of followers to believe that he will have what it takes to lead them, protect them, and have their back if it should ever happen again. And don’t worry, if you join that MC, chances are that it will. But let’s put that aside, the whole idea of getting a blessing or permission to ride from anyone.

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So yes, I know his plan is to arm you guys to the teeth and shoot down any 1%er, dominant, outlaw or coalition that tells y’ll that you can’t wear your “America” bottom rocker and your Iron Guard MC colors – so let’s just give him that one. Let’s say he wins on that issue and can install his Iron Guard MC everywhere he wants without a hitch. The questions I would ask, if I were interested in joining, is how he plans to run a national MC with absolutely zero experience – having dropped out of the prospectship for at least 3 clubs? And how he plans to manage and govern such a huge undertaking that he will build with your dues? So here are my 13 questions I would ask Chucky Cheese, the Desert Rat, would be National President of the Iron Guard MC Nation, before I was foolish enough to join.

  1. At what point will local chapters get to see, amend, and vote upon the Iron Guard MC Nation’s bylaws? Or will they just be pontificated down upon us from up above by the self-appointed Rat king and his hand-picked cronies?
  2. When will the local chapters get a chance to elect the National President, and the National Executive board, and what will that voting mechanism be?
  3. When will the National Treasurer be elected, when will the national budget be voted on, and when, as well as how often, will national financial reports be made?
  4. Since the local chapters will be run by appointed “founding officers” at what point will the local chapters be able to elect the governing board of President, Vice President, Master at Arms, and Road Captain? Or will these just be appointed folks that sit over the club for an unlimited amount of time whether they are effective or not?
  5. What will be the procedures for adjudicating discipline, trials, fines and suspensions? What will the appeal procedures be? Or will a President just be able to throw you out and snatch your patch at will, as Judge, Jury, and Executioner. This is common for many people who get power in new clubs.
  6. Is this newly formed club licensed, or trademarked in the so-called founders name? Or will it be a corporation or a non-profit in the name of the MC given over to the club brothers. This is a technique of controlled being used by lots of new club founders so they can shut the club down anytime they see fit, or use other immature measures to control the will power of the Sigma males that happen to be even more signma than the founder.
  7. What National or Regional officer will represent our chapter when confronted by frosty coalitions and dominants to attend sit downs, or will our chapter just be out here on our own, and if so,
  8. What are the standard operating procedures that we should follow according to various scenarios we might face? Are there some procedures written somewhere or are we just left to our own vices?
  9. What guarantee to we have that our National President won’t be recording our personal phone calls and then bragging all over the internet that he’s done such a slimy deed the moment he doesn’t like us. As Rat Trap does have a reputation for recording people without their knowledge.
  10. When will the chapters get a chance to vote on the elements of the design of the club’s colors, since this is a brand new club and no colors have even been created yet?
  11. When will training programs be implemented to teach new members how to ride in the pack, hold elections, handle day-to-day standard operating procedures, and roadside MCing?
  12. Will I be able to get my money back if the Iron Guard chapter in my state is unable to get off the ground, no matter what the reason?
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Get the answers to those questions, and if they are honest, then you can make up your mind whether or not you’ll want to join the Iron Guard MC.