By OG Miklo 1%er

A New 1%er World Order by OG Miklo

It breaks my heart that it’s becoming more and more difficult by the day for people to enjoy the greatest parts of MC’ing nowadays and we have no one but ourselves to blame…we could’ve prevented so many of these ridiculous things that are happening but we were flat out unwilling to make the necessary changes…people trying to introduce the necessary changes are always met with the same defensive arguments

When the 1%ers take your cut

Commentary by Black Dragon

“it would be chaos!”

“there’s a reason things are done this way.”

“When in Rome do as the romans!”

Well guess what…Rome fell…Rome fell because the Romans weren’t willing to face reality and do what was necessary to survive.


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And my response to the “it would be chaos” theory is, first off…that’s speculation because most people active on the MC set today have only ever known one system…so them saying it would be chaos is just a guess they’re making and it’s incorrect in my opinion.

The more strict rules that clubs try to impose on one another the more chaotic things become.

The root of virtually every violent incursion that has taken place between MC’s was because of one club trying to impose their will onto another club.

So the system built to maintain order and prevent everything from falling into “chaos” has actually had the opposite effect and been the cause of essentially all violence between clubs that has been captured on video.

Video that is then presented in court every single time the powers that be want to invent new laws designed to eradicate motorcycle club culture.

The good news is that there is a solution!

It’s not too late!

I have come up with a 3 part system to follow I think all clubs can embrace.

It’s simple…

It’s the stuff we should’ve been doing all along…

It’s the way the original 1%ers intended it to be in the beginning..

Your JOB or YOUR MC!?

Commentary by Black Dragon

Part 1.)


It’s very simple really.

This system of Blessings, Dominants and Territory has put more good brothers in prison and the morgue than anything else on earth.

You can’t purchase public property with violence…end of story….in 2019 that is a ridiculous and grandiose notion that does nothing but cause problems.

We need to replace the “Blessings, Dominants and Territory” system with the new and improved “If you support us we support you, if you fight us we’ll defend ourselves” system.

We’ve changed our way of doing things across the board before.. There is no reason we can’t do it again. That’s what 1%ers do…we adapt and survive.

I applaud JR Reid and the people that created NCOM and the COC etc. But in my opinion those organizations no longer serve the purpose they were originally designed to serve.


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Times have changed and all those organizations do now is make some clubs think they have the right to illegally police other clubs with violence.

The fact of the matter is, if clubs follow the 3 parts of this system there will be no need for “territory” anymore.

And all these people on the internet that are advocating and encouraging the patch police need to just stop because what they’re doing is creating more problems and throwing more fuel on the feds fire…

All you’re doing is pumping up the younger club members that already suffer from patchitis into thinking that they have the right to violently control other motorcycle riders.

It’s ridiculous. Just stop.

Power tripping and violently controlling other motorcycle riders is not a privilege you earn when you earn your patch in a 1% club.

That patch does not make you bullet proof and it does not make you above the law.

The fact is that every single time someone commits an act of patch policing it gives lawmakers one more reason to outlaw our way of life completely.

Is that what you want??

Is your YouTube channel worth everyone losing the right to ride with patches on??

You have a platform where people listen to you.

You need to STOP advocating this failed system and start speaking up for CHANGE.

Because guess what… just because legislation hasn’t reached your part of the country yet doesn’t mean it won’t eventually …every single time a “1%er takes someone’s cut” it puts YOUR hometown one step closer to becoming a place where it’s illegal to ride in groups with patches on.

Use your platform for GOOD. Instead of using your platform to make the problem even worse.

And as far as large clubs are concerned…it’s very simple…

You have no business worrying about what anybody is doing unless they are part of your MC Nation.

The only riders with cuts you should be governing are the people that signed an agreement to become part of your MC Nation.

Any attempt to govern or control anyone outside of your MC Nation under the threat of violence is illegal and it WILL be the downfall of our entire culture.

If you want to own a “watering hole” then buy the building and put a “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” sign on the wall….end of story….if your name is not of the deed then it is not your “territory”.

When the 1%er Say’s “Take that rocker off!

I know the change I am calling for seems radical but it’s the only way to save the culture we love so much.

What matters most?

What do we truly want out of this lifestyle?

Is it to bully and control people…??

It shouldn’t be..

What any real 1%er wants is very simple.

We want to ride our bikes, wear our patches, be with our brothers and be left alone…that’s it…and the ‘blessings dominants and territory’ system is destroying that and making it impossible for us to have those simple things we hold so dear.

I call upon all the true leaders of the 1% MC World to hear my words and make these necessary changes.

It’s up to you to save this lifestyle we love so much.

Part 2.)


Part two is also a very simple concept and a slight change to the way we’ve operated for years.

There is a saying that is commonly misinterpreted and has lead to more bloodshed than almost anything else.

“Your brother may not always be right but he will always be your brother.”

This is a truly righteous phrase, yet many misinterpret it.

Most people think that the phrase “Your brother may not always be right but he will always be your brother,” essentially means that nomatter how wrong or stupid someones actions are, if they share your patch you must blindly follow them into any and all battles nomatter the cost….if one selfish, unintelligent, bloodthirsty lunatic thats managed to get himself into your club ends up seeing a member of another club and decides hes gunna make a big statement of violence then his entire club must follow him into war and defend his actions even if it means the destruction of not only their own club but the entire 1% MC culture..

But that’s not what the phrase means in my opinion.

Here is an example of a situation that can arise and the way i advise a club leader should deal with it.


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Club Instigator =

“We’re the Such N’ Such Motorcycle club! Nobody disrespects us! If we compromise now what’s next?! We gunna just open the clubhouse doors and say ‘Come on in rivals. Make yourselves at home. Whats ours is yours.’ or what??”

Club Leader =

“Pump the brakes there brother…you went into a bar where you saw 5 members of another respective club and instead of having a drink or a bite to eat and being on your way you got all drunk and swung on one of them with a pool cue…and they jumped you…and now we’re all supposed to enter into a war that will last decades, cost many of our children to lose their fathers and put our entire culture one step closer to extinction at the hands of lawmakers..? That aint gunna happen.. You’re my brother and i love you and i forgive you…but you f*cked up when you did that. You started trouble where there was none. But as your brother I forgive you. Them jumping you was punishment enough. We wont let them touch you again over this incident. But you need to swallow your pride, be a man, get ahold of the other club and admit your wrong doing and apologize. Hopefully they accept that and it doesnt go any further. You need to stick close to the clubhouse and the brothers for a while. You made a mistake. But you’re our brother, we forgive you, and no hand will touch you while you’re here with us.”

To me the phrase “your brother may not always be right but he will always be your brother should be interpreted more in reference to forgiveness than anything else…you don’t let a brothers mistake lead your club into complete self destruction.. but you don’t just cast your brothers into the abyss when they make mistakes either.

This is another call to the true leaders of the MC World.

The cooler heads of true leaders will always prevail.

It is up to you to put the good of all before the good of one.

More important than any one man, is order.

Part 3.)


Not all 1 % clubs are the same and not all 1 %ers are the same. We may all have several things in common but the fact is, every club has its own culture.

Some clubs have a much higher turnover rate than other clubs. Some clubs have a bigger history of snitches, cliques and bullying than other clubs. Every club is different.

The differences between clubs cultures are a good thing. Every club culture attracts its own types of people for the most part..

But many clubs have made a lot of mistakes and continue making those mistakes to this very day…while other clubs have ended up implementing a certain structure or a certain set of rules that have served them extremely well.

In other words….some clubs got certain things right while other clubs have gotten those things very wrong.

One thing we can’t afford to have in the 1% world are snitches..

This entire system I’m laying out is designed to do one thing and one thing only…and that one thing is create the necessary changes to prevent the government from destroying our beloved way of life.

The feds hate us. They hate what we stand for. They hate that we have something that they will never have. They hate when we use their own system against them. They hate seeing us win.

Well, this system I’m laying out is designed to do exactly that…

It’s designed to give 1%ers the tools to take the power out of the LEO’s hands and put it back into ours.

At this very moment the LEO’s are very activlely trying to destroy us every single day and they’re winning.

It’s not like the old days when all you had to do was be so scary that witnesses wouldn’t testify…no no no….now they’re introducing new laws that say we cant even ride motorcycles with patches on…This isnt some fantasy….people are getting sopped and arrested just for wearing patches….and there is absolutely ZERO public outcry against the cops for abusing our rights….why…?

Because we constantly give the public new reasons to hate us and side with the cops…

Its time for us to smarten up.

Instead of worrying about other clubs and what they have on their backs and where they choose to party and ride their bikes…every member of every club should be focused on being the best member of THEIR OWN CLUB.

If everyone in your club is focused on all the things they should be focused on in relation to their own club and being the best brothers they can be then they should have no time or desire to be worrying about other clubs.

If you’re being the best club brother you can be that means you’re focused on maintaining a pure democracy, following the bylaws, and treating every one of your brothers like solid gold.

It means you’re taking care of your own physical health and fitness.

It means you’re always giving your patch a good name in the public eye.

When a citizen meets a member of your respective 1% MC you want that person to leave that encounter thinking “That 1%er was the coolest, most down to earth individual I’ve ever met…all the negative things I’ve heard from law enforcement and the media were all lies..1%ers are awesome!”

This entire system I’m laying out is about us changing to survive.

Anyone with a set of eyes can see that our way of life is being destroyed…so even though the things I’m saying may seem radical and may even go against what you believe a 1%er should be…it always comes back to the same question..

What do we want? What’s most important?

Is violence and shunning the public most important? Or is riding our bikes with our brothers and our patches on our backs most important?
We can’t have both…it’s one or the other.

My only hope is that this system will reach the right sets of eyes and ears.

That being said…

A huge part of the problem today in the 1% World is that many large clubs have let greed and power tripping get the best of them and they’ve allowed cliques to form in their ranks and members to start mistreating eachother.

Members mistreating eachother leads to snitches in my opinion..

Snitching is never ok. But the fact of the matter is that in every instance of snitching that I’ve ever heard of taking place in a 1% motorcycle club it was always committed by a member that had an axe to grind.. a member that felt the club had turned on him.. a member that felt like the club didn’t have his back anymore..

If you want to better ensure the chances that a brother will always stay solid no matter what… treat him like a brother…don’t give him constant reason to resent you and the club…


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Why do some clubs “get it right” ?

In my opinion it boils down to respect.

If you’re in a club where people are constantly talking down to one another and joking about eachother in public and being condescending to eachother…that does nothing but breed hatred…

You don’t ever belittle or disrespectfully joke about one of your brothers in public.

It’s childish and it weakens the image of your entire outfit.

When you’ve got a guy sitting in an interrogation room facing time in prison, contemplating his next move… those are the things that affect his decision.

If his so called brothers publicly embarrassed him and spoke condescendingly during church and were disrespectful every chance they got…you think he’s gunna willingly do a bunch of time for them?

You can’t just rely on everyone not snitching based on the fact that it goes against the code..


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If his whole time in his club he’s been taught nothing but betrayal and distrust and that he needs to watch his back around his own brothers… then when he’s in that interrogation room facing a life sentence he’s probably gunna be ready to denounce the whole thing and be on his way…

Where as if his brothers had ALWAYS shown him love, and backed him up and instead of joking about him they joked about his enemies and instead of tearing him down they built him up, letting him know that his brothers love him and value him just the way he is…then when he’s in that interrogation room he will probably be thinking something more to the tune of “I don’t care what the consequences are… I love my brothers and I’ll do a million years if I have to.. I know for a fact that any one of them would do the same for me. I will never turn on my brothers no matter what!”

The proof is in the pudding…

There are major clubs out there that do not have a single well known snitch in their history.

When the brotherhood is real and the love for eachother is present it’s a whole lot less likely that betrayal will ever take place.


Learn it! live it!

It just might save your club one day!

Don’t joke about your brothers in a condescending manor.

Don’t disrespect your brothers EVER.

Every one of your brothers is a king in your nation…

Treat them as such.

It’s time for us to start controlling our own destiny once again.

When the battlefield changes you must learn to adapt and adjust in order to stay in the fight.

1%ers are the best of the best.

If we allow our entire way of life to be chipped away right under our feet then it will not be because we were not smart enough to make the necessary changes to survive…it will be because we were too stubborn to make the necessary changes to fight for what’s really important.

We’ve got to change in order survive.


Source: MiKLO 1%ER