Posts by Black Dragon Biker TV on Facebook Reached 1.8 Million

by Black Dragon

In our latest campaign to reestablish our presence on Facebook we have been pleasantly surprised with the results of the launch of our new Facebook page, “Black Dragon Biker TV.” On October 10, 2019 Facebook reported to us, in a notification, that during the week of October 8, 2019, posts on our page reached 1.8 million people and had 207.3K engagements!

Black Dragon left Facebook three years ago to pursue building his social media presence on his YouTube channel “Black Dragon Biker TV.”


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“Well, at the time Facebook wasn’t paying creators and YouTube was. So I decided to take the show to the friendliest platform,” said Black Dragon.

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Black Dragon Biker TV YouTube

In 2019 Black Dragon learned that Facebook was instituting programs that would pay video creators based on advertisement revenues run against their content, if they were able to reach 30,000 1 minute viewers of 3 minute videos within 60 days, and achieve a minimum of 10,000 followers. Also YouTube was beginning to heavily censor their creators, demonetize their videos or channels, and was also throttling their videos distributions based on their new demonetization policies. So Black Dragon decided to add the Facebook platform back to his social media platform.


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“Though this was a challenging proposition we decided to go for it since we were seeing lifetime views approaching 7 million on YouTube, thousands of new subscribers per month and over 500,000 viewing minutes per week.


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“We thought we might be able to reproduce those numbers on Facebook, since that is where we got our start with our Facebook page “MC Talk TV,” Black Dragon said.


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And with that thought process he put together a writing team and focused on building one of his old Facebook channels named, “Black Dragon Biker,” that had about 1,000 followers, in early September 2019. By October 10, 2019 “Black Dragon Biker” TV on Facebook now has over 8,800 followers and is reaching nearly 2 million viewers per week with over 200 thousand engagements (an engagement is a like, comment, share, or other page interaction).


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“I think or message is resonating with bikers and we are continuing to spread the message of love, respect, fairness, loyalty, fidelity, and strict adherence to the spirit of the MCs’ bylaws.” Black Dragon said.

Black Dragon invites you to consume his content on YouTube (Black Dragon Biker TV), Facebook “Black Dragon Biker TV”), IGTV (Black Dragon Biker TV), Instagram (Black Dragon Biker TV), Spreaker “The Dragon’s Lair Motorcycle Chaos,” and Twitter (jbunchii).