OL’ Ladies & Motorcycle Clubs

OpED: By Biker Trash

I have agreed to make the occasional post for Dragon. I enjoy it and deeply respect the man. Don’t bother asking who the Fuck I am; just know that I am an Outlaw Biker (not to be confused with AOA) who earned his patches. Take what I say or leave it. I don’t claim to know everything; everyone is always learning, but I will share what I know from my experience.

You’re Not Ready to be Prez of this Motorcycle Club

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Today’s topic is an important one. Old Ladies. I have heard the phrase a million times; “this is a man’s world”, and I don’t disagree. But we often times talk about balance as well. One of the prongs on that triangle is our home life. And just like your Club or your job; if neglected it can go to shit. A Brother who’s home life is a shambles is no use to the Club. And I wouldn’t be a true brother to you if I let that happen. Your family is my family.


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I have personally been married 20 years. And I was trying to think of what advice I might give to someone trying to keep their balance. My answers may not work for you. My family is not yours. But hopefully this helps someone. Don’t give her a reason not to trust you. You are going to be going a lot of places and doing a lot of things. Earning and keeping that trust is key. Take her out when you can. This is your other half; she should be a part of your life, you should be proud of her. She is holding down the fort while you are doing your thing. Help her every opportunity you have. It may not be easy after riding several hundred miles and whatever else you did in your day. But while you were having fun she was doing things for the house.


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If this is really someone who means anything to you; you should take care of her. I seriously question the integrity of any man that has not got the sense or care to take care of his woman. What makes me think anyone who would treat her like shit would treat me any better? If you betray her; how far a leap is it for you to betray me? It is a character flaw.