Tell me Your Troubles

OpED by Biker Trash

So a Preacher, a Barber, a Tattoo Artist, and a Social Media Admin for a Motorcycle Page Walk into a bar and ask the bartender what everyone has in common……….. Go ahead and lay down on my couch and tell me all about it.


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Have you ever heard the phrase; “Don’t air your dirty laundry.”? So many people want advice on how to make things better, or run smoother. And considering what we do here; I get that. Still others just seem to want to vent their frustrations. First off; we are not in your Club. Second; at best we are getting one side of a story where we do not even know if the person relating the story knows all the facts. Never mind if they are bothering to share all the facts they happen to know.

What 1%er patches do I want to keep off of my vest?

You want a good pice of advice? Show a unified front. “Things are going great.” Work thru your problems. And if you cannot; make a decision on if this is the right place for you or not. What can you get over, and what can you simply not let go of? No two relationships are exactly alike just like no two Clubs are alike. You have to find what works for you.


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