Standing on your own two feet

OpED by: Biker Trash

In this world we stand on our own two feet.  Somehow an image of Bigfoot on a motorcycle seemed appropriate.  Because when we put ourselves out there to be judged on our own merits; we don’t need to name drop.  We stand tall on our own.  Nobody is in this world is going to lift you upon their shoulders.

Should anyone here have to legitimize what they are saying with titles or positions?  Or does the content of their word carry its own weight because people recognize it to be true?  Does the character of how they conduct themselves command respect?  Or do you hide behind titles/positions, Clubs/Patches, names/associations?  The man makes the Patch, not the other way around.  You shouldn’t have to stand next to anyone to look good.

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When you throw out my name, or anyone else’s for that matter, the things you do (good or bad) reflect upon me.  And if you don’t know better than to not name drop to begin with; well you are probably in the wrong place doing something you shouldn’t anyway.  Don’t expect dropping my name to save you.