Just the Right Size

OpED by: Biker Trash

Yesterday Black Dragon posted a meme with the caption “If you can’t sleep on it, you know it’s too small.”  Monday he posted a video on Support Clubs (good video, check it out).  

Is Getting a Blessing Punking Out to 1%ers?

OpED by Black Dragon

In the comments someone asked basically why join a Support Club, why not just join the Mother Club?  In yet another video Black Dragon did on “Motorcycle Ministries” (I am personally an Atheist so don’t bother), he talked about everyone trying to make their own Club to put their own twist on things.


Those events got me thinking about my own experiences.  I was in a Club for years when I realized I had outgrown it.  As much as I loved the Club and it’s members I simply needed more than that Club was willing or able to offer.  My level of Commitment exceed those around me.  I had been trying to get everyone around me to go at my pace while making everyone (including myself) miserable.


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Buy Sgt-at-Arms Bible for someone you know that heeds it!

The Club scene is not a salad bar.  You find a Club that fits you.  How much are you willing to offer, how much do you expect from others?  That is in time, money, skill, and priorities.  That may change over time.  You are likely where you are because that is where you fit.  If you bring Mother Club material to the table; perhaps you are ready for that.  Or perhaps your situation is not ready for that.  You have to decide.  That decision is as much a part of it as anything else.  There are a lot of Clubs out there; more than likely there is a Brotherhood waiting to meet you.  Don’t be so eager to reinvent the wheel.


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One more thing I wanted to touch on.  In the Support Club video Black Dragon said something I agree with; but would have worded differently because I see people misinterpreting it.  In the video he said that joining a Support Club might make your journey to the next level easier.  It’s not that it is going to make it easier.  It may however better prepare you for the journey ahead.  Nothing will be made easy for anyone.  I do not think Dragon was suggesting this; but I see people getting that idea.