Racism and the MC

OpEd by: Biker Trash

When I see hot women; I see hot women.  Some people see color.  They fail to recognize how stunning she really is.  Because they cannot get past her color.

Can White Folks Join the Black Sabbath MC Nation

OpED by Black Dragon

I see this sometimes in the MC as well.  You will have the most solid bad ass potential Brother; yet some cannot get past that man’s color.  They overlook all the great qualities that man brings to the table because they simply cannot get over race.


How much are you passing up, how much are you missing out?  Does this hurt the Club?  This is not so much to criticize; as it is to open your eyes to what you are closing the door to when race becomes an obstacle.  But if you want to create those barriers; I will gladly open my door so they can tell me all about it.  And not just for the hot women, but that goes for the Solid Bikers as well.