An Introduction.


So, many of you already know of me in some small way, I am the mouthy old woman who came onto the YouTube biker scene a little over two years ago. And I’m sure a lot of you had the WTF, head scratching moment when first reading my posts. I know Black Dragon did until he got a moment of clarity over on Insane Throttle when I made a comment regarding a third party.

Yes, I am an old woman, inching closer to 72 everyday, but that doesn’t mean I’m new to the biker world. I fell in love with motorcycles back in 1953 when my father plopped my ass on a surplus WW2 Harley and rolled the throttle. He said my eyes got as large as saucers and I sported the biggest smile he’d ever seen. Yeah, an awakening, love at first rumble and the one love in my life to stay consistent. From there my life has been dotted with motorcycles, both personal and observed.

So, here we are; me, now writing for B.D. A little more about me because it’ll reflect in my perspective. I’m a pagan and a heathen (small p & h, not the MC’s) I see things differently than most do. What I call “community”, you call “brotherhood”, only I’m more inclusive. Old school feminist, equal.

And with that let’s see where this takes us.

Ride safe.