Kinfolk Motorcycle Club, once a parody, now a legitimate force in the motorcycle club scene

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Mistakes are made, but how you learn from those mistakes, set you apart from the rest. Kinfolk MC started out with former members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. These former members were upset at the leadership, which eventually led many to leave the club. It was also some of these members who eventually started the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club. The Kinfolk Motorcycle Club is a bi-racial motorcycle club, color doesn’t matter to them, only brotherhood. Kinfolk MC had a pretty rough start, especially since they were born out of Texas and by ex-Bandits. The Kinfolk also had decisions to make, especially since they were a targeted club. They could either grow as fast as they could, or they would have to stand their ground with what they had. Tough place to be in, especially being an ex member of the Dominant who would be coming for you.

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First, let me say Insane Throttle Biker News has covered the Kinfolk numerous times. The first time was good, the subsequent times not so good. One thing about Insane Throttle is our dedication to always being upfront and real. There is no sugar coating a story when it comes to the news. For one, it would damage the credibility of our news service. Secondly, it does a disservice to the biker community. Insane Throttle Biker News/Motorcycle Madhouse is committed to the biker community, anything which affects the biker scene, the Throttle will be the first to put the story out. This has been the case with the Kinfolk MC. When the Kinfolk MC first started it seemed legit, unfortunately after some time, they steered off on the wrong path. Kinfolk was handing out patches to people who didn’t prospect and worst, they had a National President who was an informant. Yeah, talk about a shit bag situation when you’re starting out.


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Here’s where lessons learned comes into play. The Kinfolk have been making a turn around, the club started to get rid of all the law enforcement in their ranks. Kinfolk also revamped their membership process, not to mention making alliances with some big name clubs. This is according to many people on the streets as well as the clubs they deal with. I believe all this change has to do with the new leadership at the head of the club. I will not mention who it is, what I can tell you is that he’s known to many in the club scene. I personally believe this person gave life back into the Kinfolk, something that was needed badly. Something else I truly believe and many people have heard me say this, “if you’re able to back your patch, who is anyone to tell you you’re not worthy?” Simple common sense question. Let’s not forget, the 1% clubs you see today, had to do the same thing back in the 60s and 70s. It’s no different for a club in modern times just starting out. If they stake their claim and back it up, they are good in a lot of people’s eyes.


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Sure, if the Kinfolk is in the news you can bet we will report it, just like we do the rest. This editorial was just to keep everyone up on the status of the club. We do this with many clubs.This is what we strive to do, keep everyone informed in the biker community. One last thing, those who don’t understand the motorcycle scene, basically needs to put up or shut up. So many times you hear supporters of other clubs running their mouth about one club or another. It actually gets old, the clubs you’re supporting can’t stand it. I’ve actually heard this from multiple clubs and they wanted me to get it out. I figured this article would be the best place to do it. So with that, don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel as well as Motorcycle Madhouse Radio. Tons of news and editorials on all our platforms.

Source: Harley Liberty

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