What Is A Biker?


A couple of weeks ago I announced over on Insane Throttle Live that I was now doing editorials here and ask for some topic ideas other than my own. Well the ears perked right up and the subject matter got called; the definition of what is a biker most suggested. I dunno, I can only give my perspective because I can’t speak for everyone, and giving “a woman’s view” will only garner you a single finger salute, from me at least.

So, let’s try and define this. Initially, a biker is someone who owns a motorcycle; that’s a given. The reasons vary. In the beginning it’s cheap transportation, a ‘cycle, especially a used one didn’t use to cost that much, you could get on 2 for a couple hundred $$$’s and be on the road immediately if the thing was in decent running condition. If it was a basket case, well yanno, you had to put it back together for starts. – Riding a motorcycle didn’t used to be so regulated, all you needed was to tag it and go.

But things change.

So here you are tooling around town or countryside and you start to realize the amount of ‘freedom’ you have. You can maneuver better, take advantage of openings in traffic you wouldn’t be able to on 4, find a parking space (that’s very important) fill yer tank for a lot less. Slowly you realize the amount of control you have in this aspect of your life, your skills improve. And that confidence seeps over into other parts of your life. You take control.

You begin to realize your capabilities and limitations, become aware of what you want and don’t want. And begin to live by a new set of rules. Your own.

Somewhere along the way you’re bound to meet up with others of like mind and maybe you join up. Maybe it’s a club or maybe it’s just hanging with others like yourself, either way your perspective broadens and so the image of being a biker does too.

Yeah, I know, there is a whole lot more involved here but we’re sticking with the basics for now. Throwing a leg over and syncing with the rumble of the machine under you is a transition that can’t be easily explained. It just is.