Wiling Away The Winter (or what to do when you can’t ride)

As some might know already, I write. I’m not published but rather contribute to Fan-Fic. (don’t judge me) I also read, A LOT. Over time I’ve found some great authors, mostly women. There also, might be a few men in that genre and publish under a feminine pen-name. I got to thinking, what do bikers do over the winter months when they can’t ride? Sure, there are the maintenance and upgrades to be done but those can only last for just so long before said biker finds themselves staring at the boob-tube because there’s nothing to do. How about reading a book?

I’m sure most would agree these are geared more for the ol’Ladies, but hey, guys like a little fantasy, too. At least it’s entertainment they can relate to. So, here’s a list of some of my favs.

Boneyard Brotherhood by Amber Burns – This is a three part series focused on veterans.

Lords of Carnage by Daphne Loveling – An eight book series about a club and its subsequent second chapter.

Devil’s Flyers by Cathryn Cade – AKA Sweet & Dirty – an eleven book series (so far) with a lot of feels, humor and insights.

Great Wolves MC by Jayne Blue – A seventeen book series a whole lot grittier than most put out. There are two other series available as well; Dark Saints (nine books) and Ride trilogy (three books)

River Reapers by Elizabeth Barone – To date only three books in the series, but good. (especially Her Mercy)

3/2/’20 – Found this, you can get a taste of Ms Barone’s writing style https://elizabethbaronebooks.com/birthday-a-river-reapers-mc-short-story/

So there you have some suggestions to take your mind off of not being in the wind. I know that Black Dragon has mentioned in his vlogs at times that he wanted to get into MC life story writing. I wish he would. C’mon B.D. show us what ya got.

For those who can, Ride Safe. Otherwise, Stay Warm.