Brother’s Keeper Update

First, let me wish all of you a Happy New Year. Here’s hoping we can get past a lot of our differences and work together for the common good.

Now … So, once again I’m at the monthly community yard sale and invariably I stroll by the tables of the one person I’d love to shake some sense into. – Anyway; he had some new stuff out so I naturally stopped to take a look. (he still has that silver spoon) I was at the end of the table checking out a box of small things when a lady of color stops beside me to join in on the perusing. She picks up a plastic lid and its matching container off of a bag full of them. (the kind that you’d get when buying a salad from Mikey Dee’s or Costco) The guy comes over and was so polite I had to do a mental step back to observe him better, his attention was solely on the lady beside me. He seemed sad, contrite, not a lick of arrogance around him. – There had to be a good two dozen of those containers in that bag and he offered them to her for a dollar. She nodded and set the set back on the bag.

We both turned away, going off in opposite directions. Yes, this old witch kept her cackles to herself but couldn’t help restraining the wide grin. It’s always interesting to see how things pan out when you wish the worst upon someone.

Be Well – Ride Safe