Five Things Clubs Can Do to Help Their Club Members during the Coronavirus Pandemic!

Whether you believe the whole coronavirus thing is an all-out hoax designed to strip Donald Trump of his presidency, nothing more than just a common cold with a funny name, it’s all a huge overreaction, or its the coming of the rapture itself, one thing that cannot be denied is that Coronavirus is here – worldwide – and it is changing the way you live your life right now, in real time.

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In other words, you can deny that the coronavirus is real but you cannot deny that they are laying folks off, closing business, shutting down schools, hording at grocery stores, setting curfews in cities, and closing state parks. These facts present certain challenges to all kinds organizations and motorcycle clubs are no different.

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So, I thought I’d take some time to write this article about what I think are five things that motorcycle clubs should be doing for their members during the coronavirus crisis pandemic outbreak (this is not an exhaustive list, of course, but it is a beginning).

  1. “Social Distancing” and “Shelter in Place” policies that are being implemented by cities and jurisdictions nationwide, to comply with the CDC’s advice that gatherings with more than 10 people should be banned, do little to bolster the camaraderie and family environment of the MC. After-all, we need to gather together on motorcycles just to enjoy the lifestyle we love. So, one thing clubs should do is setup communication channels upon which all its members can communicate. National clubs should ensure that there are national channels of communications that reach from the highest levels to the lowest levels of the MC. For instance, “President only” chats mean that information is shared between Presidents, but that information doesn’t necessarily reach the other members of the MC – and all members of the MC need to hear the MC’s messages during times of trouble. This keeps members, who are used to spending lots of time with each other, occupied – still in one another’s space, even if only by chat. Some kinds of apps you can use are: GoupME, Facebook Messenger, What’s App, and many others.
  2. Many folks are experiencing job shortages, layoffs, and furloughs, so they are isolated in their homes, some with no hope in sight. What do you do when the only way you know how to make a living has been shut down, “Until Further Notice” and you don’t know where you will get your next loaf of bread? This is where the MC family brotherhood should excel. Once the MC has its communication channels setup it can use them to check on its members’ health and well-being. Your MC treasury might not have enough money in its coffers to pay members’ mortgages, car notes, etc., but with some creativity most MCs can feed their folks. MCs feed the homeless all the time, this isn’t new, it’s what we do. So, the MC should be checking up on members to make sure that everyone is eating well and thriving well in their homes during their self-quarantine.
  3. There are over 8 million children out of school around the globe (at the time of this writing) to include hundreds of thousands in the United States. In fact, the state of Kansas has shut down its schools for the rest of the 2020 school year. This means that the way we educate our children will fundamentally change at least for the rest of the school year. There may be many of your club’s children sitting at home without the appropriate computers, IPADs, etc., needed to get a good education. When education goes online there must be computers, high speed internet, data storage devices, etc., in order to take advantage of the learning opportunity. If children don’t have these things, they have no chance to get the education in the way that it is being delivered. The MC should be checking up on our children to ensure they have the appropriate tools necessary to get their “home-schooling” lessons.
  4. Our older club brothers and those with underlying health diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, breathing difficulties, etc., could have great difficulties beating this virus, if they get sick. So, clubs should ensure that they look after their older club members, I’d say, over fifty. Don’t be hugging on them, shaking their hands, touching on them, talking all up in their faces, and unnecessarily exposing them to situations that might infect them. Whereas young folks may shake the virus without much difficulty. It has been proven that older folks will not. Keep your older club brothers and sisters in mind when interacting with them. Treat them as though you know you have the virus and you are protecting them from getting that virus, when you are visiting them or interacting with them in close quarters. Keep your distance and keep them healthy, physically distant, and safe. Also consider doing their shopping for them to keep them out of stores filled with what could potentially be, SICK PEOPLE!
  5. Finally motorcycle clubs should be shutting their club houses down and cancelling their social events. Yep, I know it hurts but clubs should be shutting down their rides, charity functions, runs, EVERYTHING, for at least the next 30 days, to slow the spread of the virus. The purpose of slowing the virus is to keep the impact on the medical system lower, and not spreading the virus to folks who may have difficulties, like older brothers and sisters.


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In the MC world we are our brother’s and sister’s keepers. Let’s keep to the tenets of the greatness of the MC. Let’s keep our MC families strong, and stay well connected even if we are physically isolated and distant from one another. Patches and motorcycles don’t make the MC. People, feelings, thoughts, passion, and caring make the MC Nation. Keep your extended family close, and in your prayers, thoughts and communications.


So that’s my list! Five things clubs should be doing to help their club members during the coronavirus! And that’s my two cents. Let me know your two cents in the comment section below.

Thanks for tuning in, and get skinny.

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