Man killed in shooting between rival biker gangs – Houston

HOUSTON- A man was shot and killed after a fight broke out and a member of a rival biker gang allegedly shot the man.


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At around 8 p.m. on Saturday night, a fight broke out between two biker gangs at Hawg Stop Bar & Grill in Houston on Sheldon and Garrett.

Someone allegedly pulled out a gun and shot the man between 35-40 years old who then died at the scene.


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“The bar is frequented by members of two rival motorcycle gangs and we believe the shooting was in regards to a disturbance between rival gang members…the shooting occurred out in the parking lot and it was already dark so we are having to review all the video to come up with any suspect information,” said Sargent Ben Beall of the Harris Sheriff’s County Homicide Unit.

It is unknown why they were fighting.

Source: News 4SA