Motorcycle gang leader brothers with criminal history to be deported to New Zealand

Two founding members of an Australian motorcycle gang are to be deported to New Zealand, after their gang was declared a criminal organisation.

In a statement, Australian Federal Police said the two brothers, aged 64 and 65, were detained by police after a search warrant was executed at an Adelaide property on Tuesday.

The two New Zealanders are being deported on “character grounds” after having their visas cancelled by the Australian Home Affairs Department. They have not been charged with a specific offence, although both have criminal records, police said.

“Their removal will leave the outlaw motorcycle gang without leadership and reduced capacity to commit criminal activity, including distribute drugs, in South Australia. This factor alone certainly enhances the safety of the community,” police said in a statement.

Stuff understands the men are Thomas and Perry Mackie, both long-time residents in Australia based in Adelaide, South Australia and founding members of the Descendants Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

n June, it was reported Descendants Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members stormed a car yard in Adelaide, armed with hammers and knives, allegedly assaulting a man over a financial dispute involving a recent car sale.

Since 2014, Australia has deported more than 300 people, many of them to New Zealand, for being associated with criminal organisation.

In October two senior members of the Hells Angels were deported to New Zealand after a similar crackdown on bikie gangs.

Federal police Detective Acting Superintendent, Gavin Stone, said the men posed a “significant risk” to the Australian public.

“Outlaw motorcycle gangs exist for one reason only – to make as much money as possible, in any way possible,” he said.

“They are sophisticated, violent organised criminal networks that have zero respect for the law and regard themselves as above it, and the Descendants are no different.”

An Australian police spokesman was not able to confirm when the men would be deported.

Location: New Zealand