‘There’s more of a sense of freedom down there:’ Orange County Choppers explains move from New York to Florida

CLEARWATER, Fla. (WKRG/BIKER DAD)– “There’s more of a sense of freedom down there,” Paul Teutul Sr. said on a Zoom call from the current Orange County Chopper headquarters in New York state as ice pounded the roof above him. WKRG.com’s Biker Dad Blog broke the news last week that the reality show stars are moving their operations down south. Monday we got a chance to speak with Sr. and Jane Kay of Orange County Choppers about the big move.

The most pressing question, for reality show fans even more than bikers, will there be new episodes of the Discovery Channel’s “American Chopper” shot on the Gulf Coast? The answer, yes. OCC is known just as much for its epic family feuds that have spurned internet memes as it is for making outrageous bikes. Paul Sr. and son Paul Jr. spent much of the latest season of the show patching things up. But Sr. says his son won’t be making the move to Florida.

So why Florida? There’s one obvious answer as Sr. points out, “I think I have more of a fan base down there in Florida and the riding season is nine months maybe even ten. In New York you have a short season, maybe only 3 months or so.” But the reasons go deeper. We asked Teutul how much things like politics and taxes play into the decision. “A lot,” he said “there’s more of a sense of freedom down there than in New York that’s for sure.” He also said that he thinks Florida is more prepared and poised to get past the devastating blow the COVID-19 pandemic has caused than New York. “The whole thing makes sense,” he stated.

The OCC guys are also excited that they are moving to a state with a huge veteran population and place where those vets are highly respected. They plan on getting involved in a lot of charity work, especially charities that involve our hero veterans.

The cast and crew of “American Chopper” and the staff from Orange County Choppers plan on opening up in spring of 2021. The complex will be located on property next to Bert’s Barracuda Harley Davidson (in Clearwater) .” Ironically, that’s in Pinellas County, not Orange County which isn’t too far away. There will be a shop, retail, a restaurant and even a concert venue.

Source: Biker Dad Blog