No Mixed Races MCs Allowed

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When they tell you that your mixed race club is not wanted in their area or in their COC… Yes, this stuff still happens. Join me on YouTube while I talk to a President about what he and his brothers should be doing about it.
00:00 Beginning
00:26 Introduction
02:00 No Black Clubs Allowed!
02:17 The Biker Set Divided by Black and White
02:45 Sunset Laws Explained
03:31 Warning Signs to Unwanted Blacks
04:03 Sunset COCs and Sunset Diamonds
04:49 America Beyond Race, Clubs are Not
05:29 Who Runs the Mixed Race Clubs
06:17 Diamond Clubs Will Try to Regulate Your Numbers
07:06 What is the Strength of Your Brotherhood
08:25 This was all meant to intimidate
09:12 They Mean Business!
10:56 History of the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation
14:50 Final Thoughts and Salutations
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