No One is Above MC Protocol

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Today’s reaction/education video touches on important aspects of MC protocol, brotherhood, and respect. It also deals with certain requirements placed upon us all when we depart motorcycle clubs, and the behavior that is expected as a result.

In this video we also cover the idea of the motorcycle club being more about WE than it should ever be about I, or egos, and, how not one person is bigger than the club, the MC nation or MC protocol – not even an Ex 1%er MC Nomad.

00:00 Beginning
00:35 Introduction
01:20 Back and Forth Between Demon’s Row and BDBTV
05:35 Sose the Ghost’s Disrespectful Post
06:56 Protocol Lesson Begins ‘Never Disrespect an MC’s Patch’
10:30 Rules to the MC Protocol Game
15:15 My Expectations of an Ex 1%er MC Nomad
16:13 SEE MEE MC Patch Chasers and the Glory Hounds
16:38 Breakdown of the Disrespectful Way the Patch was Defaced
19:15 When You Leave the MC You Give it All Back
20:16 Brand New MC Protocol for Internet Protocol
21:20 You Are Not Bigger than MC Protocol Even if You Were a Nomad
23:19 Gang Culture vs MC Culture in Today’s Modern MC
10:56 Let’s Talk About the Importance of Uniforms, Uniformity and Colors
36:25 Let’s Talk About the I Love Me Aspect of This
40:24 Your Former Club Brothers are Owed a Large Public Apology
42:43 Anybody Can Make a Mistake, However
43:43 Give Us Our Love Back
45:20 You Gave Up the Right to Wear or Speak on 1%er MC Matters
46:13 You are Now a Lone Wolf
47:18 Be the Content Creator Who is Number 1
48:18 Salutation

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