Six Charged After ‘Criminal Outlaw’ Biker Gang Beats Man During ‘Vicious Bar Brawl’ In Century

June 14, 2022

Six people have now been arrested for what the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office is calling a “vicious bar brawl” that occurred May 7 in Century. Several of the suspects are “documented criminal outlaw motorcycle gang members”, according to ECSO.

One person was transported to the hospital following the violent fight at Odom’s Bar in the 9500 block of North Century Boulevard. The victim was found outside the bar covered in blood with several injuries to his face, according to deputies.Surveillance video is below.

John Percy Johnson, age 45 of Century; Bradley Scott Griener, age 31 of McDavid; Brody Luke Trainer, age 44 of Gulf Breeze; Robert Tyler Dean, age 54 of Pace; and Preston David Perry, age 31 of Pace were each charged with aggravated battery. Dean, Perry and Trainer were also charged with additional felony battery and/or assault counts. All five were released from jail on bonds ranging from $25,000 to $150,000.

The sixth suspect, 44-year old Steven R Jay Arnold of Brewton, turned himself in at the jail Monday on charges of aggravated battery with the use of a deadly weapon, aggravated battery for causing great bodily harm, and aggravated assault for use of a deadly weapon with the intent to kill.

The victim’s girlfriend told deputies that he was attacked by several bikers outside the bar where six or seven alleged bikers were kicking and stomping him. One allegedly pointed a gun during the attack.

The victim told investigators that he had been having an ongoing issue with “Percy Johnson” and the two ran into each other at the bar. He said Johnson told him to step outside where he was attacked by approximately five bikers wearing Outlaw motorcycle gang clothing. In addition to punching, kicking and stomping him, “one of the individuals pressed a firearm into his eyeball and stated they would kill him if he talked to the police and that not to mess with their biker family”, an arrest report states.

After the victim made a statement that he was going to sue the bar, a man believed to be the bar’s bouncer along with three or four other males began to beat him again, the report states. After the attacks, the girlfriend was approached by a white female wearing a biker vest who informed her that if she talked to law enforcement, it would “not be pretty for her”, the report continues.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office obtained search warrants and seized video recordings from the bar.

An ECSO investigator said in his report that the videos show the victim and Johnson walk outside the bar, followed by at least seven other people, most of whom were wearing insignia consistent with criminal outlaw motorcycle gangs to include the Southern Saints and Outlaws.

The altercation was captured on video (posted below), showing the victim kicked, punched, and stomped on several times by numerous individuals, the ECSO report states. The victim remains on the ground for over 15 minutes, apparently unconscious until medical personnel arrive on scene.

The victim suffered a broken arm, broken nasal cavities and lost feeling in his lower back and leg, he told deputies. He stated that when the gun was pressed into his eye, he was told “If you talk to the police, we will kill you”.

The five suspects were released from jail on bonds as follows:  Johnson -$25,000; Griener – $35,000; Trainer – $150,000; Dean – $65,000; Perry – $85,000; Arnold – $65,000.