Can you Trust Law Enforcement in Your Motorcycle Club

By Ghost Eagle,

Can You Really Trust Law Enforcement In Your MC

As a biker that grew up in, around the biker scene all my life there is one thing for I do not care. That is seeing law enforcement (LEO) infringing on our brotherhood and making money off of our blood, sweat and tears! How are we to trust the LEO (FEDs)?


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LEO joins our family, rises up in the ranks, attends the funerals of our fallen brothers and sisters, they hold our sick, comfort our distraught, they become our family; picnics, clubs everything. All the while they are lying, betraying, hurting the family, the brotherhood, breaking the code they took to become a brother! It is a huge slap to the face of all those that came before us who started our brotherhoods, our families seeing the LEO bust the folks he calls brother. All the while making money off of it and laughing at it as though nothing ever happened.

How are we as bikers to trust the LEO when they pull that mess? It is a disgrace, slap in the face, a huge kick to the nuts when we are betrayed and used as steppingstones for an ungrateful, heartless, backstabbing ass hat. There are thousands of us who live the code that has been passed down for generations. The LEO who pulls this, makes money off the “tale” all books, movies and podcasts B.S.! Money that should be given to the families of the fallen, to help support the children of those he busted or killed.

So, think about that the next time an LEO asks to join your brotherhood!

Ride safe, be free,

Ghost Eagle