Have You Done Your Motorcycle Club Homework Lately

By Derek Warrington,

For my second article on the biker lifestyle, I’m looking at the question of whether or not you know your club I mean really know your club?

Who is the founder? What kind of man was he? Is he a different man now? Is the club still rolling with the message, values, or even the kind of people he would take in?

Who are the original seven? Were they soldiers brought together by the brotherhood of service or were they a group of racers that went from friends who hung out to a club?

Are the bylaws of the club you chose the original writings of the seven or have they changed a time or two with the times changed paths? Would the founder or seven agree to that? Would they say you’ve perverted their club?

Is it the original clubhouse? If not, where was it? Why was it chosen out of all places? Is there significance for it being there? If there was a clubhouse change, why was it?

Does my club have beef or a chip on its shoulders with another? Is it old or new? What’s it over? Is it worth bothering with anymore? Will you bring it up at the table if it’s not worth bothering with anymore?

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All of these questions can be beneficial to know especially in club life. We learn about their value in Black Dragons’ book the “Prospects Bible.” Who wants to be that guy at the club’s annual saying who’s that guy when seeing the club’s founder or original 7 member that happens to be there? Nobody wants to be that person asking what’s so special about this place when on a run around og territory. This in my opinion should be done ever-so-often as it keeps the club to its roots and grounded.

Do we let the club’s history become a distant memory that takes away values and cultural points? Will you dig into the roots and doubt the current status of it like Jax teller did after reading the journal of his father in sons of anarchy? Only you will know after looking at and doing your homework.