Members of outlaw motorcycle club charged with Lexington County murder

Four men, including three members of a Hells Angels affiliated motorcycle group, were arrested for the murder of another biker in front of a Lexington County Waffle House, according to statements from law enforcement. Shane Andrzejewski, Joshua Allen Dutton, Casey Thomas Goodson and William Douglas McGathen Simpson were charged Nov. 8 with shooting and killing Timothy Brock while he rode a motorcycle in front of the 24-hour breakfast chain’s restaurant, according to law enforcement officials The four men were each charged with with one count of murder, one count of conspiracy and seven counts of attempted murder, according to a statement from the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.

On Oct. 8, Brock was riding his motorcycle on South Lake Drive near Interstate 20 when he was ambushed. Just before 10 p.m. the four men allegedly drove up to him on their motorcycles and opened fire, law enforcement officials said. “The co-defendants approached him at a high rate of speed, fired shots and fled the scene,” said Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon.

Bullets struck Brock multiple times in the upper body, according to Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher. He died in the road from his wounds. Another individual was also shot during the incident but survived and was taken to a local hospital. The shooting is believed to have stemmed from an earlier dispute that took place on South Lake Drive. “The four suspects and Brock are from rival motorcycle groups,” Koon said.

Simpson, Dutton, and Andrzejewski can be seen on their Facebook pages wearing vests and patches identifying themselves as members and affiliates of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club. Also known as RDMC, they are have been widely reported as a “feeder” club for the infamous outlaw motorcycle club, the Hells Angels. On social media, Dutton can be seen wearing paraphernalia including a “1%” patch, which has been identified by law enforcement as being connected to to the underworld of “outlaw” motorcycle clubs. He can also be seen wearing a hat with the numbers “81,” referring to H and A, the eighth and first letters of the alphabet, which the Hells Angels explains are stand-in for their club name. On Facebook, Goodson identifies with the Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club. The group describes itself as a motorcycle club that respects “Old School traditions established by the 1% world” but is “centered on Christ and Biblical brotherhood.”

Together, the the Hells Angels and the Red Devils have been widely accused of numerous crimes across the Southeast. In 2012, WIS reported that the FBI arrested 19 members of RDMC and Hells Angels across North and South Carolina. They were charged with racketeering and a series of crimes ranging from gun running to arson. The most recent homicide investigation and arrests were a multi-agency effort involving the Richland and Edgefield sheriff’s departments, police from Lexington and Chapin, as well as officers from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, the Secret Service and the U.S. Marshals Service, said Koon. The Lexington County Sheriff’s Office said that they made the arrests after reviewing video footage and interviewing witnesses and victims at the scene. All four men — Andrzejewski, 33, of Lexington; Dutton, 28, Columbia; Simpson, 34, Edgefield; Goodson, 38, Chapin; and Simpson, 34 Edgefield — were being held Tuesday night in the Lexington County Detention Center.

Source: The State