Harley-Davidson Mother Lake Rides

February 10, 2023

Mother Lake is the name of this custom build put together about a decade ago by a Japanese garage we’ve featured extensively these past few years, named Bad Land. Like most of this shop’s many other projects (and there are some 155 custom motorcycles in its portfolio already), this one too is a dark apparition, unlike the beautifully blue lake it takes the name from, and meant to roam the streets of Japan.

The usual complement of Bad Land changes can be seen on the ride, and they start, of course, with the wheels. For this project, the shop went for Performance Machine pieces of hardware, sized 21 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear. They both come with seven beautifully crafted spokes, which look particularly classy on the front piece, while the rear one makes an incredible statement of power at 300 mm wide. The perfect set of wheels, if you ask me.

There are a number of unique custom elements featured on the Mother Lake, made by Bad Land specifically for this ride, and available nowhere else. The list of such parts starts with the gloss black front fender, covering a sizeable portion of the wheel, and ends with the rear fender, which partially supports the seat.

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