Father Says Son Involved In OKC Dramatic Chase And Crash, Suffers From Mental Issues

OKLAHOMA CITY – A chase topping speeds of 120 miles per hour ended with a violent crash. Police have identified the man on the motorcycle. 

According to family members, the man wasn’t in his right mind. 

Police said the man is 37-year-old William Butkus. 

His father told News 9 he suffers from mental illness and just recently attempted suicide.


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As a shirtless Butkus sped through the metro in and out of traffic, his father John Butkus watched in horror after picking up the phone.

“He said grandpa turn it on, I said, oh my God, what was he thinking,” said John.


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Police tried to stop Butkus for a traffic violation near Interstate 35 and Southeast 44th, when he refused to stop for reason unknown.

“He’s not wanted for anything, he’s not doing anything, it’s got to be from his mental health issues,” said John. 


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John said his son was recently discharged from a hospital after he attempted to take his life in July.

“I pleaded with them, keep him, do something. Clearly is not in his right mind,” said John.

After reaching dangerous speeds and driving against traffic, 10 minutes into the chase police backed off –listening in to Jim Gardner and Bob Mills SkyNews 9. 


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“He was going back and forth, he didn’t know what to do you could tell his mind was racing,” said John.

Ten minutes later, after doubling back, patrons stepped in blocking the motorcycle’s path.

Despite the violent end, and serious road rash, Butkus is expected to be alright.

His father said he hopes something can be done to get his son the help he needs.

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“Clearly he needs the help. I know they can’t give everyone help, but man I’m pleading someone, somehow–he almost killed himself again,” said John.

According to police, Butkus did have a valid license and his motorcycle was not stolen.

Once released from the hospital, Butkus is expected to be taken to Oklahoma County Jail for Felony Eluding and traffic complaints.

Source: News 9 Oklahoma’s Own