Happy Thanksgiving

Right now it’s one of ‘those’ mornings. Yanno. the kind where the coffee can’t get strong enough, you’re feeling your actual age, things like that. Vegas was cooler than I’m used to but still nice even if it was wet. Must be why I didn’t see any riders out all week. That or I was never on the right side of town. It happens.

So today is the annual day of giving thanks in this country. Personally I’m wanting to take a B.F.D attitude, I’ll get over it. But I have to ask, to whom and for what do we give thanks? In which ever direction we look we can see a need. What do we do about it? Now is the time where you’re seeing the conclusion of toy runs and food drives, have we done our part? I’d like to think so.

A lot of adages are bouncing around in my head right now. Live (teach) by example, to thine own self be true, do as you would have done to you. And it brings to mind just how hypocritical we are most times. Yeah, we put on a good show this time of year but what are we doing the rest of the time? Why limit our so called community solidarity to just part of the year? And even greater of a question, why exclude ourselves to just those who we share commonality with. Hollywood over on Insane Throttle and Choppa Sosa on Demon’s Row recently this week bared their souls a bit, singing a song I’ve sung, too, for years. And I know Black Dragon has, too. – Our actions speak louder than the words we proclaim.

Our lifestyle will never truly be understood and that’s okay. We think differently and live by our own laws; again, okay. But when conduct affects the good of all, it’s time to stop and reflect. And it comes to asking, am I my brother’s keeper when that brother could care less. It’s human nature to take advantage of an opportunity, we all do it. But when that action affects the good of all detrimentally it reflects on all of us. It’s that squeaky wheel, birds of a feather and if it looks like a duck thing, That gap between brothers becomes an abyss.

So what do we have to be thankful for? A lot. Aside from our creature comforts and beautiful riding weather most of the year we have members of our community looking out for us. Honor them, no matter the patch or even if they don’t have one. – We have defenders of our way of life; don’t make lairs out of them.

I’ll cut it off here, I’m going into Mom mode. If I’ve given you something to think about then I’ve accomplished something. If you have room for another at your table, consider inviting someone to sit with you and yours or accept an offer given. – Ride safe, be well and I hope your gravy lump free.